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Paving The Pathway to Financial Freedom for Community Residents after COVID-19

By Chelsea DeCicco, Executive Vice President of Universal Initiatives

The Pathway to Financial Freedom

Universal Initiatives is committed to providing excellent services that increase the financial literacy of residents in our community from all walks of life. We believe that understanding good money management and how to make informed financial decisions ensures that residents can live a long, happy, and stable life.


Our existing Financial Education program provides young people between the ages of 18 and 26 years old with quality financial education surrounding personal finance and homeownership, preparing them for the responsibility of their future and educating them on the benefits of long term investments. Our existing program was launched in the City of Camden, New Jersey, and has proved to be both successful and productive in enhancing the financial literacy of young residents.


Moving into this new year, following the spike of the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought out to grow our financial education program and offer residents of surrounding communities of all ages and abilities, with free financial education and intervention, to promote positive financial habits in our community and accelerate revitalization of the local and national economy through increased financial literacy of citizens who elsewise would be left to deal with the financial aftermath of the pandemic alone.


We partnered with MassMutual to build our Pathway to Financial Freedom program, blending valuable education and resources together to combat the financial insecurity crisis facing our communities, including high risk of foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy, and unmanageable student loan debt. Our program provides direct intervention for community residents and includes both excellent education and action courses that help people understand their current finances and build the foundation for a successful financial future.


MassMutual has a great history of providing support surrounding financial education for individuals of all ages, abilities, and incomes. Whether you are a recent college graduate or soon to retire, MassMutual has programs and resources to help you build a successful financial plan that supports your future goals and lifestyle. We believe that the partnership between Universal Initiatives and MassMutual will provide residents of our communities with much needed support and education following one of the most vulnerable financial times in our history.