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Have you been considering different forms of therapeutic help for your young adult child? Are you looking for a therapeutic solution for a son or daughter who is currently living in New Jersey?


Have you considered an independent living program in New Jersey? There is a phenomenal independent living program for young adults in St George, UT, known as At The Crossroads (ATC).


ATC is highly recommended by Educational Consultants and therapists from New Jersey. We encourage you to find out more.


At The Crossroads has helped hundreds and families of struggling young adults find solutions to the growing problem associated with young adults who are stuck, and unable or unwilling to transition into adulthood.


According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, there are 3 million young adults in America diagnosed with serious mental health issues and most of which are struggling to find a pathway into the adult world.


NAMI published an article titled, “On The Move: Helping Young Adults with Serious Mental Health needs Transition into Adulthood,” stating, in part, “Youth and young adults who have been diagnosed with a Serious Emotional Disturbance or Serious Mental Illness (SED/SMI) such as major depressive or anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, or conduct disorder face a number of risks and challenges as they struggle to become adults.” (for more on this article, click here).


The facts are that some young men and young women from New Jersey need professional help to complete the shift from adolescence to adulthood.


At The Crossroads is a therapeutic transitional living facility with programs for struggling young adults from New Jersey. Our services are designed to teach life skills and encourage personal growth through a combination of education, restructuring, and therapeutic intervention.


We provide an environment that fosters this type of growth by focusing on the job training, academic assistance, and transitional living assistance. At The Crossroads provides behavioral and emotional counseling from psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, substance abuse specialists, and professional counselors (as needed).


ATC professional staff reinforce self-discipline and help students to build self-respect while developing a positive self-image. All of these elements work together to transform a young adult from New Jersey into the person they want to be.

What is the best Independent Living Program in New Jersey?


At The Crossroads is considered the best independent living program for young adults from New Jersey by many educational consultants certified by the IECA (Independent Educational Consultant Association).


Job Training and Academic Support For Young Adults From New Jersey


At The Crossroads isn’t just an independent living facility dedicated to helping troubled young adults from New Jersey. We’re are known for providing the best job training and academic support for young adults in need of therapeutic intervention. We strongly believe that getting the right training & and education to secure a job will push a young adult forward with their life.


Successful independence is directly related to successful employment, and employment is predicated on training and education. Independence is always attached to a person’s ability to provide for themselves, and getting the right support is the best way to make this happen.


Our job training programs provide young men and women a new perspective and a new start toward a successful and fulfilling future.


We provide a very effective approach by providing specialized job coaching. Effectual employment training and practical applications of workplace “best practices” will be key components to their success. Crossroads’ students attend school and go to work while living in a structured environment (including therapeutic support when needed).


Another important aspect of the treatment we provide is academic assistance. Many of the young adults from New Jersey who enroll with ATC are still in need of completing their education. However, before they can successfully pursue a degree or trade, most of our students need to develop study skills and change their approach (attitude) toward academics.


We have been very successful in helping young people from New Jersey restore their academic hopes and dreams. In addition, we provide specialized assistance for those with learning disorders (like ADHD).


All of the ATC elements work together to help the young adults from New Jersey transform into the person they want to be. For immediate assistance call At The Crossroads (866) 439-0354 to speak with our Admissions Specialist. Start your child and your family on a path of restored hope – through life skills training with therapeutic transitional living. We can help!


For more for parents from New Jersey resources visit: DOE’s Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) American Psychiatric Association


Important facts that parents should know..


If parents have a warm, affirming, open relationship in which your teen feels respected and respects you, if you have relied on lots of discussion to guide your child, then you can count on easy teen years. Your child will honor your rules most of the time and will initiate negotiations about the ones that don’t work.


If your teen gets caught up in the relief of self injury, the possibility of more serious and even fatal self aggressive actions come into play. Because self-injury is often done impulsively, it can be considered an impulse-control behavior problem. As well, it may be linked to a variety of mental disorders, such as depression, eating disorders and borderline personality disorder.

Failure To Launch Programs In New Jersey


At The Crossroads, we include the entire family, particularly the parents, with your young adult’s therapy and progress. We recognize that the entire family needs the assistance that we can give, in order to be whole. Call At The Crossroads today at (866) 439-0354.